Active duty military personnel are special people and we respect everything that you do for us and our country. Unlike some other recent “discount” programs, we have been doing this since 2011 when our owner, John Gscheidmeier, earned his real estate license. Since then we have given discounts & rewards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to our Heroes.

The least we can do is give you the very best of discounts when you sell your home,  or reward you with 25% of our commission at closing when you purchase a home. Between deployments, special assignments, guard duty weekends…some of you spend a great deal of time away from your families and we want to do what we can to help.

John, a former police officer, recalls stopping a car in Glendale years ago for speeding. Let’s just say the driver was traveling pretty fast! Through conversation John learned he was in the Army and was home only for a few days to see his newborn daughter who was born while he was overseas. John, of course, thought a warning was appropriate, and said “Thanks for your service, sir.” And told the driver to slow down and get to his family safely. The driver responded by shaking John’s hand and thank him for his service. John was confused and didn’t understand. The driver said, “Officer, while we are “over there” fighting for our country, you are here protecting my family.” It was then when John completely understood. We are here to protect you and you family…period. We have agents that are certified in the Military Relocation Program and you can meet them today by filling out the information below.

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